Improving access to medical cannabis at an affordable, low cost.
Medical cannabis has come a long way but federal prohibition still means that no element of the program, everything from the certification appointment to the cost of medication, can be covered by health insurance. Patient access is a cornerstone of our public policy work and we believe that financial needs should not stand in the way of life-changing medical cannabis. Through the Share Well/Care Well program, which launched in 2019, we provide financial subsidies to our patients in need. These subsidies are funded by a portion of revenue from our stores, as well as donations from patients, customers and employees. To date, over 200 patient subsidies have been issued in six states.
Eligibility Criteria
If you are a registered medical cannabis patient in your state and meet one or more of the following criteria, you may be able to participate:
  • The patient qualifies for Medicaid (medical marijuana products cannot be covered by Medicaid, but it is a qualifying factor in this program).
  • Annual household income of the patient falls below 138% of the current Federal Poverty Line for their household.
  • Patient’s monthly medical marijuana expenses exceed 15% of their monthly household income.
  • Paying for the patient’s medication creates a severe financial hardship on the patient’s household.
How to Apply
  1. Apply online. A full listing of participating dispensaries are listed below.
  2. A member of the Share Well/Care Well team will review your application and contact you with a final decision.
  3. If approved, renew your application every six months to remain enrolled in the Share Well/Care Well program.
Where We Are
Expansion is coming to additional states as regulatory approvals allow. Share Well/Care Well is currently active in:

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What people are saying about Share Well/Care Well
The program helps me to be able to afford the medical marijuana that alleviates the terrible pain, nausea and vomiting that I live with daily. This allows me to also be awake more often rather than trying to sleep through the pain. I’ve had two surgeries, two rounds of extensive proton beam radiation and just finished up chemo. I will be starting a clinical trial in April to try to manage the two cancers I have, which are both incurable. The cancers I have are Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma and Spindle Cell Sarcoma.
– Elyssa, New York
I have MS that confines me to a motorized wheelchair and suffer with severe muscle spasms that cause crippling pain… Since taking the [medical cannabis] tablets, I get great relief and can have less pain which lets me be able to socialize and not be shut-in and isolated. This has been a blessing. Being on a small fixed income, the program has helped me continue taking my medical marijuana.
– Lynda, New York
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Contact us at or visit a local participating dispensary for more information.